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Can A Blocked Person Search For Your Facebook Profile?

No. You will not display in Facebook search engine results if you block somebody on Facebook and then search for their profile on Facebook. Likewise, if you search for the blocked individual, they will not display in the results.

The blocked individual may show occasionally, but clicking on their profile will bring you to a blank page.

Is It Possible For A Blocked Person To Access Your Profile Via Google Search?

Unless you have adjusted your parental controls and hidden your profile from search engine results, Facebook accounts are also visible in Google search results.

So, if you’ve blocked someone and they searched your surname in Google or another search engine, they’ll be able to see your profile link, but they won’t even be able to visit your profile if they’re logged in. On the other hand, they would be able to see your public profile and whatever is shared on your profile if they log out of their account.

What Happens When Mutual Friends Share A Photo Or Post?

You won’t be able to view each other’s comments once you’ve blocked someone because you will be able to remark on a familiar friend’s post and photo. That’s because when you stop Facebook, it hides your account from everyone else.

Because of the content belonging to your shared friend, if your mutual acquaintance shares a photo of both you and the person you’ve banned (with or without a tag), you’ll be able to see it.

Can You See The Tags?

You and the blocked individual are both unable to tag each other. And if one of you is organized by a familiar friend, the other member would not see the tag nor their identity.

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